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Microscope facilities aboard the JOIDES Resolution include:

  • 2 Zeiss SV-II binocular zoom microscopes, capable of 4-400X magnification and either reflected or transmitted light viewing, including cross-polarized light capability.
  • 1 Zeiss Axioplan and 2 Zeiss Axioskop microscopes, all equipped for simultaneous transmitted and reflected polarized light viewing, with a large variety of objectives.
  • 1 Zeiss Axiophot, specifically equipped for DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence studies it is also equipped for cross-polarized, pane transmitted light, and darkfield illumination.

In addition, two other Zeiss photoscopes are available, as well as numerous Zeiss WL Pol petrographic microscopes and Zeiss SV-8 and SR binocular microscopes. We also have multiple digital and analog TV cameras that allow for capture, manipulation, and storage of digital microscope images, as well as numerous 35mm and Polaroid photographic film systems. Automated point-counting systems are also available.


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