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"From Gateways to Glaciation"

This interactive CD-ROM takes students on a voyage of discovery on board the Ocean Drilling Program's drill ship, JOIDES Resolution, to research the extent of glaciation over the Earth during the past four million years. Using cores from two ODP sites in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in the Caribbean Sea, students work with scientists to investigate different sediment properties and then draw scientific conclusions with the guidance of the Chief Scientist. As students search for clues to Earth's climate history, they learn about the links between Northern Hemisphere glaciation, plate tectonics, and ocean circulation. This educational program motivates high school and undergraduate students to synthesize specific studies together to form a sound hypothesis of broader dynamic systems.
This CD is out of print.

"From Mountains to Monsoons"

From Mountains to Monsoons is intended to bring scientific results of the Ocean Drilling Program into the classroom. In this program the student is invited to join a scientific ocean drilling expedition to the Indian Ocean to investigate the hypothesis that there is a link between the uplift of the Himalayan Mountains and the intensification of the monsoons in Southern Asia. During the program, sediment cores from three sites on the ocean floor are analyzed. At each site, the student works with real scientists in a variety of shipboard laboratories and then discusses the results with the Chief Scientist. Throughout the program the student learns about tools and techniques used by geoscientists and how to combine results from laboratory analyses into a viable theory.
This CD is out of print.

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