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Detailed Planning Groups (DPGs)

Detailed Planning Groups (DPGs) were short-lived groups that met only once or twice for more intensive study of certain aspects of planning. Mandates, guidelines, terms of reference, and duration of operation for the short-lived DPGs were specified in writing by Scientific Committee (SCICOM).


"DPGs will be created by SCICOM with individual mandates that may be either scientifically or technologically based. DPGs will provide written reports to SCICOM. Example tasks for DPGs include: translating highly-ranked ODP science proposals into concrete drilling plans; advising on regional and site surveys needed for future drilling; preparing drilling prospectuses which synthesize all thematic and site survey input, etc."

Arctic DPG

Seismogenic Zone Deep Drilling and Measurement DPG

North Atlantic Rifted Margins DPG

North Atlantic-Arctic Gateways DPG

    Documents will be provided at a later date.

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