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Scientific Direction

Executive Committee (EXCOM)

The Executive Committee (EXCOM) formulated scientific and policy recommendations with respect to the ODP. It conducted ODP planning, as well as evaluation and assessment of the Program as to its accomplishments as compared to the goals and objectives that had been established. EXCOM presided over Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) and advised Joint Oceanographic Institutions (JOI) on policy issues.

Terms of Reference

    1. This committee shall formulate scientific and policy recommendations with respect to the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP). It shall conduct the ODP planning, as well as evaluation and assessment of the Program as to its accomplishments as compared to the goals and objectives which have been established. It may be assigned managerial and operational responsibilities for appropriate tasks.
    2. The members of this committee shall be representatives of oceanographic and marine research institutions or other organizations which have a major interest in the study of the sea floor and an adequate capability in terms of scientific human power and facilities to carry out such studies.
    3. The membership of this committee is now composed of one representative of each of the six non-US countries or consortia with an active Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the National Science Foundation (NSF) [Australia-Canada-Korea Consortium, European Science Foundation, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom] and one representative of each of ten US institutions [University of Miami, University of Washington, Oregon State University, University of Hawaii, University of Rhode Island, University of Texas at Austin, University of California at San Diego, Texas A&M University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Columbia University]. The appointment of additional members will be determined by the JOI Board of Governors on the recommendation of the JOIDES Executive Committee. In the case of representatives of non-US country participants, the existence of a valid MOU with NSF is a prerequisite to membership. Membership of any member may be canceled by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of the JOIDES Executive Committee or in the event of a non-US country participant ceasing to have a valid MOU in existence.
    4. Each institution or organization designated for participation on this Committee by the Board of Governors shall provide one voting member.
    5. The Executive Committee shall reach all its decisions by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all members, including members from at least three non-US members. A quorum shall constitute two-thirds of the Executive Committee. If a member of the Executive Committee is absent from a duly called meeting of the Executive Committee, he or she may designate an alternate with full authority to act for him or her in his or her absence.
    6. The Executive Committee may establish subcommittees for cognizance of certain components of the Ocean Drilling Program. Areas of cognizance and the Terms of Reference for each subcommittee shall be defined by the Executive Committee. In particular a Science Committee and a Budget Committee shall be established.
    7. The Committee, and all subcommittees thereto, shall keep written records of their proceedings.
    8. Members of this Committee, and members of subcommittees duly appointed thereby, while acting within the Terms of Reference, shall be indemnified, and held harmless by the corporation from and against any and all liabilities, damages and demands, losses, costs and expenses arising from acts or omission related to performance as committee members.
    9. These Terms of Reference, upon ratification by members of the existing JOIDES Executive Committee and adoption by JOI, Inc. will supersede all previous JOIDES agreements.
    The Chair of EXCOM rotates with the JOIDES Office among the JOIDES institutions, excluding the Science Operator and Wireline Logging Service Operator institutions. The term of office is usually two years.

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