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Scientific Direction

Science Committee (SCICOM)

The Scientific Committee (SCICOM) prioritized scientific and technological objectives based on input and advice from the Advisory Structure panels in order to optimize the scientific returns from drilling.


"SCICOM is responsible for the creation and mandates of the various advisory panels and planning groups and their membership, which must be approved by EXCOM. In addition, SCICOM may assign special tasks to such advisory panels and planning groups. The SCICOM Chair convenes the panel meetings and approves the meeting dates, locations, and agendas of all the science advisory committees, panels, and groups. SCICOM sponsors and convenes COSOD-type conferences at intervals determined by long-term science plans for ODP. SCICOM, through the JOIDES Office, assigns proposals to Science Steering and Evaluation Panels, Program Planning Groups and, if relevant, to Service Panels, for review. SCICOM ranks the scientific objectives of the proposals into final priority after they are reviewed by the panels. SCICOM approves by a majority (e-mail) vote the annual drilling schedule as determined by OPCOM. The Science Committee proposes Chief Scientists to the Science Operator, who makes the final selection.

SCICOM periodically reviews the JOIDES advisory structure in the light of developments in science and technology, and recommends to EXCOM amendment of its panel structure and mandates. Much of the work of SCICOM is carried out by the commissioning of reports from OPCOM and the other science advisory panels, including Detailed Planning Groups, ad hoc subcommittees of its own membership, and by its Chair at the JOIDES Office."



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