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Predrilling Workshops

The Pre-Drilling Workshops provided opportunities for members of the scientific community to evaluate the current state of knowledge concerning a particular topic, or field of research, and discuss ways in which scientific ocean drilling could advance knowledge of the field. Following each workshop the organizers were required to prepare a written report of the proceedings and recommendations of the workshop, and encouraged to publish a brief summary of their report for wider circulation. The reports are listed below, with links to the appropriate document wherever feasible. Often workshop reports formed the basis for specific drilling proposals subsequently submitted for consideration by the JOIDES Scientific Advisory Structure.

Workshop topics were selected on the basis of unsolicited proposals submitted by individuals willing to undertake the task of locating a suitable venue and organizing the proposed workshop. Participation was open to any interested member of the scientific community. At each workshop a limited number of essential participants received travel funds to support their participation. Financial support for the workshops was provided by the U.S. Science Support Program, often jointly in collaboration with other national or international funding agencies.

Workshop Convener(s) Location Date

Indian Ocean Fan Systems (PDF; 5.6 Mb) Clift, Molnar Boulder, CO 7/03
Linkages Between the Ocean Observatories Initiative and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (PDF; 4.4 Mb) Fisher Seattle, WA 7/03
GeoScan: Geophysical Site Characterization and Needs (PDF; 0.01) Bangs Houston, TX 6/03
Interplay of Collisional Tectonics and Late Cenozoic Glacial Climate in Alaska and the northeastern Pacific Ocean (PDF; 8.1 Mb) Jaeger, Gulick Austin, TX 5/03
USSAC Education Workshop (PDF; 0.1 Mb) Hine, Thomas Narragansett, RI 5/03
ODP Contributions to Paleomagnetism (EGU special session) Sager, Acton Nice, France 4/03
An Investigation of the Middle America Convergent Margin Seismogenic Zone (PDF; 0.2 Mb) Von Heune, Brown Menlo Park, CA 12/02
An International Conference on Cretaceous Climate-Ocean Dynamics (PDF; 0.2 Mb) Bralower, Bice, Duncan, Huber, Leckie Florissant, CO 7/02
NanTroSEIZE: Sampling & Instrumenting the Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone (PDF; 2.1 Mb) Tobin Boulder, CO 7/02
Scientific Opportunities and Requirements for Robotic Underwater Drills in Marine Geological Research (PDF; 1.8 Mb) Sager, Dick, Johnson, Fryer College Station, TX 11/00
Opportunities in Geochemistry for Post-2003 Ocean Drilling (PDF; 0.8 Mb) Murray, Schrag, Wheat Tyngsboro, MA 10/00
An International Workshop on Submerged Coral Drilling (PDF; 3.1 Mb) Quinn St. Petersburg, FL 9/00
MARGINS: Source to Sink Education and Planning Workshop Nittrouer, Driscoll Lake Tahoe, CA 9/00
Workshop in GeoFluids of Overpressured Strata in the Gulf of Mexico Flemings Houston, TX 03/00
Cooperation in Scientific Ocean Drilling: Forging Industry-Academic Partnerships (PDF; 88 kb) Armentrout, Gradstein Houston, TX 10/99
Margins Sed/Strat Workshop: Source to Sink Nittrouer, Driscoll Lake Quinault, WA 9/99
Hydrogeology of Ocean Lithosphere (PDF; 1.7 Mb) Becker San Francisco, CA 12/98
Marine Isotope Stage 11 (PDF; 5 Mb) Poore San Francisco, CA 12/98
Ophiolites & Ocean Crust, GSA Penrose Conference Dilek Tamales Bay, CA 9/98
The Subduction Factory Morris San Diego, CA 5/98
Advanced CORKs in the 21st Century Becker San Francisco, CA 12/97
Costa Rica-Nicaragua Seismogenic Zone (PDF; 1.1 Mb) Silver San Francisco, CA 12/97
ILP/Volcanic Rifted Margins (PDF; 1.3 Mb) Duncan Potsdam, Germany 11/97
Seismogenic Zone Experiment (PDF; 0.2 Mb) Moore et al. Kona, HI 6/97
Platforms for Shallow Water Drilling (PDF; 0.1 Mb) Mountain Palisades, NY 5/97
Subsurface Biosphere Lilley, Baross, Juniper Washington, DC 3/97
Magnetism of Oceanic Crust Johnson, Kent Orcas Island, WA 10/96
Climate Intervals of Extreme Warmth Sloan Santa Cruz, CA 3/96
The Ocean Lithosphere and Scientific Ocean Drilling into the 21st Century (PDF; 2.2 Mb) Dick Woods Hole, MA 5/96
Slope Stability Pratson Palisades, NY 4/95
BOREHOLE (PDF; 0.4 Mb) Carson Miami, FL 12/94
Geomagnetic Polarity Transition Records from ODP Cores (PDF; 5.2 Mb) Clement Miami, FL 11/94
Sediment Covered Ocean Ridge Experiments (SCORE) (PDF; 2.9 Mb) Zierenberg Portland, OR 7/94
Recycling Processes & Material Fluxes at Subduction Zones (PDF; 1.1 Mb) Scholl Catalina, CA 6/94
The Effects of Triple Junction Interactions at Convergent Plate Margins (PDF; 2.7 Mb) Sisson, Paulis, Prior Eureka, CA 4/94
APTICORE-ALBICORE: Global Events and Rhythms of the mid-Cretaceous (PDF; 3.3 Mb) Larson Perugia, Italy 10/92
Antarctica in Global Climatic Change (PDF; 1 Mb) Kennett, Barron Santa Barbara, CA 5/91
Paleogene Paleoceanography (PDF; 1.8 Mb) Stott Los Angeles, CA 1/91
Large Igneous Provinces (PDF; 8 Mb) Coffin Woods Hole, MA 11/90
Cretaceous Resources, Events, and Rhythms (PDF; 7.8 Mb) Arthur Denver, CO 8/90
Physical Properties of Volcanic Seafloor (PDF; 39.1 Mb) Purdy, Fryer Woods Hole, MA 4/90
Geochemistry Progress and Opportunities (PDF; 16.5 Mb) Kastner, Brass Los Angeles, CA 1/90
ODP & Global Geosciences Pisias et al. Corvallis, OR 6/89
ODP Log Data Quality Control (PDF; 0.6 Mb) Wikens, Worthington Washington, DC 4/89
Drilling the Oceanic Lower Crust and Mantle (PDF; 12 Mb) Dick Woods Hole, MA 3/89
Role of ODP Drilling in the Investigation of Global Changes in Sea Level (PDF; 3.8 Mb) Watkins, Mountain El Paso, TX 10/88
Ocean Drilling and Tectonic Frames of Reference (PDF; 1.6 Mb) Carlson, Sager, Jurdy College Station, TX 4/88
Broad-Band Downhole Seismometers (PDF; 57.5 Mb) Purdy, Dziewonski Woods Hole, MA 4/88
Dating Young MORB (PDF; 8.8 Mb) Batiza, Duncan, Janecky Evanston, IL 11/87
Caribbean Geological Evolution (PDF; 17.2 Mb) Speed Jamaica 11/87
Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) and ODP (PDF; 17.6 Mb) Balch, Mutter Golden, CO 8/87
Wellbore Sampling (PDF; 4.1 Mb) Traeger, Harding Houston, TX 5/87
Scientific Ocean Drilling Initiatives in the South Atlantic and Adjacent Southern Ocean (PDF; 6.6 Mb) Austin Woods Hole, MA 4/87
Science Opportunities Created by Wireline Re-entry of Deepsea Boreholes (PDF; 3.4 Mb) Langseth, Spiess La Jolla, CA 2/87
Drilling the Gulf of California (PDF; 3.7 Mb) Dauphin Ensenada, Mexico 8/86
Measurements of Physical Properties and Mechanical State in the Ocean Drilling Program (PDF; 6.3 Mb) Karig Ithaca, NY 6/86
Paleomagnetic Objectives for ODP (PDF; 3.7 Mb) Verosub Davis, CA 9/86
Scientific Seamount Drilling (PDF; 0.5 Mb) Watts Palisades, NY 6/86
South Pacific (PDF; 13.7 Mb) Ciesielski Gainesville, FL 4/86
Cretaceous Black Shales (PDF; 24.1 Mb) Arthur Denver, CO 12/85
High Temperature Well Logging (PDF; 5 Mb) Dennis Los Alamos, NM 11/85
North Pacific Scholl Seattle, WA 9/85
Carbonate Banks & Guyots (PDF; 20.3 Mb) Winterer La Jolla, CA 8/85
W. Pacific Arc-Backarc System (PDF; 12 Mb) Hawkins La Jolla, CA 6/85

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