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Leg Planning

3–6 Months Precruise

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Receive sample requests from scientific party members, construct initial sampling plan

Members of the scientific party were asked to submit requests for samples necessary for them to carry out their work for the leg. The sample requests were collated by the ODP Curator into an initial sampling plan. Any duplication of requests, or requests for excessive numbers of samples were resolved prior to the leg by the Sample Allocation Committee (SAC) which consisted of the Leg Project Manager, Co-Chief Scientists and the Curator. At sea the Shipboard Curator replaced the Curator as a member of the SAC. With the approval of the SAC, the sampling plan was often modified while the ship was at sea in response to the amount and type of core material recovered.

Identify special laboratory requirements

Complete technical support staffing

Establish shipping deadlines and procedures for materials going to the ship

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