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Leg Planning

6–9 Months Precruise

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Hold pre-cruise meeting between Co-chief Scientists and Key Personnel


  • Acquaint Co-chief Scientists with Key Personnel and other critical ODP staff
  • Finalize operational plan and requirements, including wireline logging plan
  • Familiarize Co-chief Scientists with ODP policies and procedures
  • Identify scientific party members Each ODP leg had a scientific party of approximately 24 scientists, in addition to the Co-Chief Scientists and Staff Scientists. Scientific party members were selected by the Science Operator, in consultation with the Co-Chief Scientists, from lists of individuals nominated by ODP member countries. The selection process took into account the expertise required to conduct the scientific program of the leg and the requirement to maintain a balance of representation from the different ODP members.
  • Complete the Leg Scientific Prospectus The Leg Scientific Prospectus lays out the scientific and operational plan for the leg. In addition to providing information for leg participants and others involved in ODP, it formed the basis for future leg-related decisions and provided essential information for any necessary foreign clearance requests. Any departure from the plans set forth in the Prospectus required approval from the Science Operator and JOIDES.

Apply, via U.S. Department of State, for foreign clearances (if needed)

Issue invitations to prospective scientific party members

Invitations to prospective scientific party members outlined the shipboard and postcruise tasks to be performed. In accepting an invitation, scientists acknowledged their duties and responsibilities to the Program.

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