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Leg Planning

9–12 Months Precruise

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Select and invite co-chief scientists

Co-Chief Scientists were selected from a list of individuals nominated by ODP member countries. The Co-Chief Scientist Agreement outlines their responsibilities and represents a contract between the Co-Chief Scientist and ODP.

Designate Key Operator Personnel

    Leg Project Manager/Staff Scientist
    The Leg Project Manager was a scientist on the staff of the Science Operator and had responsibility for overseeing and coordinating all pre-cruise preparations. This included maintaining regular communication with the members of the scientific party to keep them apprised of progress and remind them of preparations for which they were responsible (e.g. submitting sample requests, making travel arrangements, etc.) The Leg Project Manager then sailed on the leg as Staff Scientist, coordinating the efforts of the scientific party to ensure that the proposed shipboard work was accomplished in a timely manner.

    Leg Operations Superintendent
    The Operations Superintendent was an engineer on the staff of the Science Operator responsible for planning and overseeing all operational aspects of the leg. At sea the Operations Superintendent oversaw the work of the Drilling Contractor and served as liaison between the Co-Chief Scientists and the drilling crew. The Operations Superintendent served as the Science OperatorÕs representative on board the ship for contractual matters relating to the Drilling ContractorÕs services.

    Wireline Services Scientist
    The Wireline Services Scientist (also known as the Logging Staff Scientist) was a member of the Wireline Services Operator staff responsible for planning the wireline logging program for the leg. At sea the Wireline Services Scientist was responsible for the execution of the logging program, including preliminary processing of the logging results.

    Laboratory Officer
    The Laboratory Officer, a member of the Science Operator Staff, lead the shipboard Technical Support Staff and was responsible for all aspects of the operation of the shipboard laboratories, including safety.

Prepare detailed operations schedule, with time and material estimates

The preliminary time and material estimates prepared for the ship scheduling exercise were refined in accordance with the more specific plans for the leg. Although the operations schedule was defined at the Precruise Meeting, it was continuously refined as the scientific goals and objectives became more clearly defined, and the detailed operational plan was often modified after the ship sailed as a result of conditions encountered during drilling.

Identify special engineering/equipment needs

Identify clearance requirements for operations in national waters of non-U.S. coastal states

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