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Long Range Planning Reports

The following reports describe scientific and technical planning activities for ODP and its successor, the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), which began on October 1, 2003.

ODP Planning Reports

  • COSOD I: Conference on Scientific Ocean Drilling (1981) (PDF; 23.3 Mb)
    A report from the Conference on Scientific Ocean Drilling (COSOD), held in November 1981. It discusses the scientific and drillship priorities, and is the scientific basis and justification for ODP.

  • COSOD II: Conference on Scientific Ocean Drilling (1987) (PDF; 10.8 Mb)
    A report from the second COSOD meeting (COSOD-II) held in July 1987 that provided the framework for scientific ocean drilling through the 1990s.

  • ODP Long Range Plan (1990) (PDF; 6.9 Mb)
    This plan distilled the COSOD themes, JOIDES panel white papers, and other scientific and technical advice into a scientific and engineering strategy through the year 2002.

  • COMPOST I (1993) (PDF; 2.1 Mb)
    A report prepared in 1993 by a committee whose members were chosen specifically by JOI-USSAC to identify the needs of the US scientific community for ocean drilling in the post-1998 time frame and related facility requirements.

  • ODP Long Range Plan (1996) (PDF; 11.3 Mb)
    This 1996 document updated and extended the 1990 Long Range Plan.

IODP Planning Reports

  • CONCORD: Conference on Cooperative Ocean Riser Drilling (1997) (PDF; 7.5 Mb)
    A report from the Conference on Cooperative Ocean Riser Drilling (CONCORD) held in 1997. The meeting was designed with the purpose of formulating new scientific objectives that require riser drilling, and defining the strategies and technology needed to achieve these goals.

  • COMPOST II: A New Vision For Scientific Ocean Drilling (1998) (PDF; 0.4 Mb)
    Report prepared in 1998 by the COMmittee on POST 98 Drilling (COMPOST II). It discusses the type and level of U.S. interest in scientific ocean drilling beyond 2003. Specifically, what research objectives does the scientific ocean drilling community wish to pursue? And what facilities and funds will be required to achieve those objectives?

  • COMPLEX: Multiple Platform Exploration Conference on of the Ocean (1999) (PDF; 7.5 Mb)
    A report from the Conference on Multi-Platform Experiments (COMPLEX) held in 1999 to address globally important scientific objectives through riserless drilling in the oceans. COMPLEX succeeded CONCORD.

  • APLACON: Alternate Platforms Conference: Summary (2001) (PDF; 36 kb) | Abstracts (PDF; 3.9 Mb)
    Alternate Platforms Conference (APLACON) was an international conference that followed the CONCORD (Japanese Deep Ocean Riser Vessel) and COMPLEX meetings and addressed science themes that required technologies other than those provided by the Japanese vessel and the JOIDES Resolution replacement proposed as part of IODP. The 2001 report defines the science program that would require a third core capability of "Mission Specific Platforms in IODP" and to incorporate projects involving these Mission Specific Platforms in scientific programs requiring a multiple-platform drilling approach in the IODP.

  • IODP Initial Science Plan: Earth, Oceans and Life (2001) (PDF; 3.1 Mb)
    Initial Science Plan: Earth, Oceans and Life (ISP) defines the goals of an international ocean drilling program, synthesizing the results of a comprehensive suite of conferences and workshops, including CONCORD and COMPLEX. It highlights new process-oriented directions for addressing the Earth system, and it proposes a fundamentally new multiple drilling platform approach to the science of ocean drilling.

  • CUSP: Conference on U.S. Participation in IODP (2002) (PDF; 0.6 Mb)
    The Conference on U.S. Participation in IODP (CUSP) addressed the support needs of U.S. scientists to fully participate in the international IODP. The report describes the indispensable elements of support for U.S. scientists to be administered by the NSF, and to define the characteristics and structure of the successor to the USSSP-ODP.

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