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Scientific Direction

Site Survey Panel (SSP)

The Site Survey Panel (SSP) assessed the adequacy of survey data for proposed drilling targets and compiled data packages for drilling legs in conjunction with the Site Survey Data Bank.


"The Site Survey Panel is mandated to:

  • Review site survey data packages prepared by the ODP Site Survey Data Bank and to make recommendations as to their adequacy to the Science Committee in light of the needs defined in mature proposals of the Science Steering and Evaluation Panels, Program Planning Groups and Detailed Planning Groups;
  • Identify data gaps in proposed future drilling areas and to recommend appropriate action to ensure that either
      (1) sufficient site survey information is available pinpointing specific drilling targets and for interpretation of drilling results; or
      (2) that sites not be drilled until specific information been reviewed;
  • Provide guidelines for proponents and panels as to required site survey data and to examine the opportunities and requirements for the use of new technologies for surveying potential drill sites;
  • Promote international cooperation and coordination of site surveys for the benefit of the Ocean Drilling program, particularly between participating ODP partners' survey activities;
  • Promote the logging of all data used for planning drilling targets with the ODP Data Bank."


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