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Scientific Direction

Science Advisory Structure

Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) was responsible for establishing the scientific objectives through a Science Advisory Structure (SAS) that involved over 100 scientists and engineers on standing committees and panels, and almost 100 in the shorter-lived planning groups. The JOIDES SAS was restructured in 1996 to better undertake the initiatives and objectives contained in the 1996 Long-Range Plan, "Understanding our Dynamic Earth through Ocean Drilling."

JOIDES SAS consisted of an Executive Committee (EXCOM), and a science advisory structure (SAS) headed by a Science Committee (SCICOM). The SCICOM and the JOIDES science advisory panels were charged with the long-term science planning activities necessary to meet, and go beyond, the goals of the 1996 Long-Range Plan.

ODP Science Advisory Structure as of 2003 (PDF):

SAS org chart

As shown in the diagram, the remainder of the JOIDES SAS consisted of

Each committee, panel, planning group, and working group operated under a mandate, along with guidelines on membership and frequency of meetings.

Panels and committees that existed during the earlier years of ODP:

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